The Number One Strategy for Turning Your Temporary Assignment Into a Full Time Job

Our 2017 employee preference survey indicates that full-time employment is one of the top three factors our candidates consider when agreeing to a new temporary assignment. In our long experience helping companies acquire the employees they need, we have found one factor that is most closely aligned with turning a temporary position into a full-time job. That single attribute is perfect attendance.

A lot of people mistakenly believe their “skills” are the most important factor in gaining a full-time position. But many-if not most-of our clients are more than willing to teach someone the necessary skills. They just don’t want to invest  their time training someone who isn’t going to be there.

Another factor that is always going to be considered is your attitude. The employee that is willing to do whatever is required of them, is easy to work with, and has a pleasant disposition is easy to hire into a full-time role. But even if you have an excellent attitude, missing work will massively reduce your chances of converting your temporary assignment into full-time work.

What You Can Do 

What stops you from going to work? What happens that causes you to miss work? If you know what might stop you from going to work, you can do something about it. 

It is important that you have a backup plan. For a lot of people this means having a backup plan for transportation, whether it be a friend, a family member, or even Uber. It also means having a backup plan when it comes to childcare issues. That means making arrangements so, should something happen to your child care, you have another option.

If for any reason you are going to be late, it is important to call both the company where you are assigned, as well as the staffing firm. Making these calls proves you are serious about attendance, and letting people know you are on the way is proof you want to work. Everyone understands that things can happen, but it’s your effort in recovering from the things that happened that are going to demonstrate your commitment to being at work.

It’s that commitment to being at work that is going to differentiate you from other people competing for that same full-time position. Caring enough to show up every day going to make you the preferred candidate, and it’s what is going to position you for the next full-time opening.